Read through some of the projects we are currently working on, and see how you can get involved.

  • EHCP Assessment process

    This is group comprising LA Officers, Headteachers, Health and SENDIASS, Senco’s and us. This is a sort of “brainstorming” of the various aspects of the assessment process. There is an…

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  • EHCP Review

    We will be given several each month and use a consistent scoring/comment form for each one. The comments will be fed back to the SEN Team. This process started before…

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  • Transition

    Mainly looking at communication, which is often not as good as it could be, and drawing up a protocol.

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  • Preparation for Inspection

    Looking at all aspects of the SEND Reforms that will be scrutinised when the Inspection comes, including drawing up an Action Plan

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  • Vulnerable Learners

    Looking at all aspects of children who are vulnerable in the Education Sense for any reason not Just SEN but also for other reasons, like language or religion and those…

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