As we are sponsored by the Department for Education our Governance is centred round the purposes of the Grant we receive.

FVS Financial Control Policy 2018

FVS Code of Conduct June 2020

FVS Equality and Diversity Policy 2020

FVS Conflict of Interest Policy June 2020

FVS Parent Carer Rep Agreement 2020

FVS Equality and Diversity Policy 2020

FVS Handout Data Protection

FVS Constitution

We are setup to promote Parent Participation with Local Government, Local Health and Local Social Care and Education. This means ensuring Parent/Carers views are taken into account in decisions made about the provision of any of these Services.

At the end of very Year, (a Year IS April to March), we have to justify how we have spent the Grant and then to re-apply for the next Year’s Grant, assuming one is available, by setting out a programme of local Parent Participation.

With advent of the 2014 Children and Families Act and the Code of Practice relating to that Act our role has been highlighted.

As we are THE recognised Parent Carer Forum for Southend we expect to be invited to all the various Boards/Committees, Task and Finish Groups, decision making bodies who are all working on SEN for the 0-25 age group. We aim to get along to as many as possible to feed in that vital parent carer perspective. We are also asked to review good practice and will advise on making something easy to understand as well as on fairness and consistency.