During the course of the course of the Year we try to stay on top of the hot topics that are parent/carers concerns. We have direct access to senior leads at the Local Authority and Health so can take up concerns fairly quickly. Current worries are around waiting times for a diagnosis and more understanding of the Local Offer to highlight just two.

Now that the Inspection has taken place are involved in making sure the Written Statement of Action is actually happening. More attention is being paid to consulting with parent and carers about Services and processes.

Newsletter June 2020 last edit

It is important to recovery from this Inspection that Parent/Carer views are obtained at every stage so there will be several surveys taking place and the latest is the POET Survey

This is best done On line via the SBC Website or the Local Offer BUT if you would like paper copy send a message via this site and we will send you one  

In response to harsh criticism of the existing Local Offer(SHIP)  a complete revamp has taken place and lots of parents and carers were involved in this process – resulting in the NEW LOCAL OFFER go and try it its shape and look have changed completely.

The CCG was involved in all this ass well as they were criticised in the Inspection Report too.

To this end they are reviewing all pathways to diagonsis and treatment. The topics currently being looked at are: Downs Sysndrome, Allergies and Constipation/ Incontinence.

If you would like to express a view please E-Mail us at and we will take your view forward.








We regularly are part of the Resource Allocation Panel for children’s services which meets once a month and the Short Break Panel. 

Since the SEND Reforms started we have been part of all the Workgroups within the Local Authority helping plan the implementation and continue currently by sitting on the Strategic Board.

Our regular meetings with other Forums in the Region allow us to keep up with what is happening in other areas and across the country.

We receive direct regular updates from the Department for Education (DFE) who lead on the reforms.

From time to time we hold Open Forums where parents can come and bring their concerns and here form us the things we are involved in. These are all themed and aim to cover a particular aspect of the reforms.

We held jointly with IASS a very successful Parent/Carer Conference In July entitled “You Said we Did”. The theme being the Southend Local Offer where parents were tasked with finding specific information on the Local Offer and recording how easy/difficult it proved to be. We had a couple of Guest Speakers: the Head of Learning from the LA and a local Phycologist.